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Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives over the last 35 years. Today there are few businesses, educational establishments, and homes that do not own and use at least one computer. And many of us, in addition also use laptops and more recently, tablets - both at home and at work.

The global advent and adoption of the Internet and its services like the World Wide Web and electronic-mail (e-mail) during the 1990s has also changed the way we use computers in business and in the home. The increased presence and dependence on computers, the software they run, and the Internet has changed our lives forever.

Traditionally used to store, process data and share information - we now also use computers to communicate, for play and entertainment, to shop and nowadays increasingly to socialise with each other.

So what happens when they go wrong or don't work as expected? It can be very frustrating - especially when you've got important work to do. That's why most offices and businesses employ full-time, dedicated IT staff and professionals to maintain, upgrade, fix and service them - hopefully before something does go wrong.

But as a home user, a professional who works from home, or a small businesses owner - you don't need or want full-time and dedicated help and can often resolve your own IT issues.  And if you can't - perhaps you know a "techie" friend or a work colleague, a neighbour or a family member that's "good with computers" that you can ask for help?

But what if you don't know someone like that? Or they are not available when you need them? What if you can't resolve your own issues? Who are you going to contact when when you need IT help and advice?

If no one else can help you and you can't resolve your own problem - then why not consider contacting Savoir Technology Services.

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