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Home Computer NetworkVery few computers today - whether in the home or in the office are not networked in some way. Networking is fundamentally and in its simplest sense about sharing computer resources and information easily. A resource could be a printer and information could be a document or an image.

The biggest network information resource of course is the Internet. Today, millions of computers across the world are connected to the Internet.

Not so long ago, in order to access the Internet from home you had to resort to a dial-up modem which was either an internal card or an external device. This Internet connection was slow, often expensive and tied up your phone line as busy. Sharing your Internet connection with another computer and user in your household while technically possible was pointless because of the slow connection and the need to tether these computers via cable.

Today in most big cities and towns we now have "always on" high bandwidth broadband connections and most homes have a dedicated wireless broadband router modem. And sharing your Internet connection is possible and practical with as many users and devices as you like. However, new technology presents new problems and challenges.

Savoir Technology can:

  • Install, configure and secure your new Wireless Broadband Router.
  • Extend your home network and wireless coverage - if you suffer from coverage issues, dropped connections or even "Dead zones" - where you have no signal coverage then Savoir Technology can help and advise.
  • Install and setup a Networked Attached Storage Device (NAS) to share and stream your music, photos and videos across all your user devices.
  • Help you connect other wireless and Internet enabled devices such as: Smartphones, Printers, eBook Readers, Entertainment Systems, TVs, Blu-Ray Players, Media/Music streaming and Games Consoles.


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