Remote Desktop Support and Training

Pre-arranged Remote Desktop Support and Training sessions are available. If you broadband connection is working fine and you would like some help or training remotely rather than at your home or premises - then contact me to arrange a remote support session.

What’s Remote Desktop Support?

Remote Desktop Support allows a person you have authorised to access and control your computer from a remote location using another computer. They will then be able to see exactly what you see on your computer’s screen and also take control of your computer. Remote support allows for “dual control” of your computer. As well as viewing what the other user is doing - you will also be able to show them the problem and they will be able to see your actions and what you are doing - similar to someone sitting next to you while you show them the problem on the screen. You will also be able to chat to them either by typing messages on the screen, or if you have headphones or speakers and a microphone – you will be able to talk to them too over your broadband connection - all for free.

How do I create a Remote Support Session?

Creating a remote support session is easy. You will first need to download and run a free program called TeamViewer QuickSupport on your computer.

What’s TeamViewer QuickSupport?

TeamViewer QuickSupport is a small program that you run on your computer. It provides a secure and instant remote desktop connection to your computer. You have complete control over the session and only the person you authorise can connect to your computer.

Do I need to install anything?

No. There is no installation of TeamViewer once you have downloaded it. You just simply run it. And it does not require administrative rights on your computer either. The application simply runs in memory and is ended when you close the program – which also ends your remote session too.

How do I give you access to my computer?

To authorise another user to connect to your computer - you need to tell them the TeamViewer ID and Password that is generated when you run the application. Both the ID and password will be a series of numbers. A new password will be generated each time you run the program – so the same remote user or someone else will not be able to connect again unless you tell them the new password each time.

Where can I download TeamViewer?

You can download Teamviewer QuickSupport by clicking on the appropriate link button below. The program is downloaded directly from TeamViewer’s website. You will see the address in the bottom left-hand corner of your web browser when you hover your mouse pointer over the button.






Or if you prefer you can visit the TeamViewer website yourself and go to the ‘Download’ section and download the application TeamViewer QuickSupport.